Technical Overview

Length ETHC 
(edge-to-hole centre):
24mm, 28mm, 34mm
Hole diameter: 8mm
Insertion type: tool-free only
Application: manual insertion, factory insertion
Cams: Cam5000
Drilling specification: Hole diameter - face board = 8mm
Drilling depth = min 12mm
Hole diameter - edge board = 8mm

High Drilling Tolerances

Quickfit TL dowel helps furniture manufacturers overcome inaccurate drillings with its built-in self-adjustment feature that provides an ETHC (Edge To Hole Centre) tolerance of +/-1 mm on drilling operation. Fully tightened joint is assured even at marginal inconsistencies of drilling and problems associated with the natural movement of wood panels.

Optimal Joint

Cam always locks at 2 o’clock lock, creating a smooth, firm tightening action and greater dowel pull-up for a strong and reliable joint. An expanding steel sleeve creates high resistance to torsion and dowel pull-out. Thanks to the fins on the plastic sleeve, the insertion depth is always correct and provides greater accuracy and speed of assembly.

Superior Fastening Action

When the cam tightens, the dowel works in three directions: it pulls the dowel head up, it pushes the plastic body down, which causes the plastic thread to expand.

Perfect for Factory Pre-Insertion

Furniture manufacturers can pre-insert Quickfit TL, which reduces cabinet assembly at home by 50% and reduce the possibility of errors.

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