A high-performance Quickfit dowel that reliably engages in the 5mm dowel holes for optimal strength in multiple wooden materials.

QuickfitTL5 Effective In Multiple Wooden Materials

Effective in Multiple Wooden Materials

Quickfit TL5 provides optimal strength and effective performance in MDF, chipboard and solid wood.

High Drilling Tolerances

High Drilling Tolerances

You can count on optimal performance and perfect joints, even with inaccurate drillings.

Strong and Reliable Joint

Strong and Reliable Joint

An expanding steel sleeve creates high resistance to torsion and dowel pull-out. The resulting joint ensures a rigid cabinet construction which doesn’t loosen through time, even at repeatable assembly. Cam always locks at 2 o’clock lock, resulting in a smooth, firm tightening action and greater dowel pull-up.

Tool Free Insertion for 5 mm Dowel Holes

Tool-Free Insertion for 5mm Dowel Holes

Quickfit TL5 reliably engages the 5mm dowel hole. It enables the use of tool-less Quickfit dowel insertion technology across a wide range of applications.

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Consumer Friendly

Our innovations always seek to make furniture assembly easy and reliable for a great Consumer Assembly Friendliness (CAF) score. Titus Quickfit TL5 does just that: it is the easiest dowel on the market for home assembly. It allows for manual insertion, which reduces assembly time and possibility of errors. It also allows for factory pre-insertion, which reduces cabinet assembly time even further, by no less than 50%.

Technical Overview

Length ETHC (edge-to hole center): 24mm, 34mm
Hole diameter: 5mm
Insertion type: tool-free only
Application: manual insertion, factory insertion
Cams: works only with Cam5000
Drilling specification: Hole diameter - face board: 5mm
Drilling depth: min. 12.5mm
Hole diameter - edge board: 8mm

Download Catalog and Brochure

For more information on Quickfit TL5 Dowel download the brochure.

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