Effortless Opening With Just a Light Touch

For doors and drawers, completely handleless which makes it more simple yet functional. Creates clean lines and makes it timeless


Close to the 'touch opening point' on the side opposite to hinges


On the cabinet side; gap between drawer and cabinet side = min 12mm


On the drawer bottom; in the middle of drawer

Push latch krizna podloga

Universal Use

Works with standard concealed hinges and drawers, can be attached on the drawer bottom

Depth Adjustment

Precise Depth Adjustment Feature

Adjustment button ensures reliable door and drawer opening and closing as well as consistent performance in case of inaccurate drilling

Push Latch Linear and Cross Mounting Plate

Available With Linear and Cross Mounting Plate

Easy mounting using standard drilling pattern. 'Safety click' feature enables easy detachment of the mechanism from the mounting plate

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