Tekform Slimline drawer is the solution for kitchen and bathroom furniture. Its 14mm sides make it sleeker and more spacious than Tekform Drawer.

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Range overview

Load Capacity 40 kg
Drawer Heights 70, 100, 145, 182mm
Rails full extension
Glass sides 8mm for 70, 145, 182mm drawer heights
Inner Drawer Fronts for 70, 145, 182mm drawer heights
Colours white, anthracite grey
Accessories inner drawer fronts, steel back panels, front panel marking jigs

User-friendly installation

Tekform Slimline drawers are easy to install. Watch which features make Titus Tekform Slimline user-friendly.

Double Wall Drawers with Thin Sides

14mm side panels

Thin, 14mm side panels with simple and modern sides and rail design create a sleek look, while also ensuring a more efficient use of drawer space. 

Double Wall Drawers with Flexibility In Use

Flexibility in use

We made sure that our Slimline drawers have the same panel cutting dimensions and drilling specifications as our 1st generation Tekform double wall drawers. This gives furniture makers a welcome flexibility in furniture composition.  

Double Wall Drawers with Easy Installation

Easy installation and adjustment

Tekform drawers are equipped with our EasyFix front panel connector that makes installation simple, with no tools necessary. The drawer front can be easily installed and uninstalled. The Expando function creates a reliable joint with a simple quarter turn lock. Side adjustments (+/- 1mm) and height adjustments (+/- 2 mm) enable alignment of fronts and gaps between cabinets.

Titus Hydraulic Damper

Titus damper inside

The core element of Titus soft close systems is our proprietary multi-purpose hydraulic damper. It assures soft and silent closing of doors and drawers. Its modular design guarantees a reliable and consistent damping performance in a wide range of applications.Titus damper is designed to assure efficient damping at any closing speed, providing consistent performance and reliability in reaching the end position regardless of speed.

Tekform Slimline glass sides

Glass sides

Here’s a way to make your Tekform Slimline drawers even more trendy. The glass sides give your drawers a nicer, finished look, and ideally complement contemporary furniture designs. Tempered glass for improved user safety.

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For technical details and specifications, please download our catalogue.

Tekform Slimline Drawer catalogue


Inner fronts

Drawers can be personalized with the help of different drawer fronts with glass, panel or square bars.  

Steel back panel

Additional option to enhance your kitchen and bathroom drawer with steel back panel. It provides perfect alignment with the drawer bottom with no additional cutting or assembly procedure.

Marking jig

Marking jigs provide a perfect screw hole position in any kind of front panel material. They enhance user experience and speed up the assembly process.