T Type Pie Cut Corner Hinge No Special Edge Drilling Required

Standard Drilling Pattern

T-type pie cut hinge can be simply mounted onto the standard Ø35mm drilling pattern, with no edge drilling required.

Titus T-Type Pie Cut Hinge for ptimal Door Opening in Corner Cabinets

Double Lock Hinge Opening

70° opening angle of the door A while the door B remains closed gives full access into the cabinet. 

Titus T-Type Pie Cut Hinge for Two-Step Cabinet Door Opening

When both doors are open, door A locks in position at 25°. Both doors work as one, providing unobstructed working space for the user. It also prevents hitting nearby cabinets.

T type Pie Cut hinge adjustment 2

Easy Door Gap Alignment

The cam adjustable screw on the hinge arm allows for easy second door alignment. Doors with thicknesses from 15-26mm will perform smoothly and reliably.

T type pie cut low hinge cup

Low Hinge Cup Depth

With its low hinge cup depth, T-type pie cut hinge can be used in doors with thicknesses from 15mm up to 25mm.


T-type 3Way snap-on GIF

3Way Snap-on Mounting

Our 3Way snap-on mounting plate allows for an intuitive hinge-to-plate mounting in three directions (from the front, the back and the top). Mounting cabinet doors - even the tallest ones! - has never been this easy.

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Technical Overview

Length ETHC (edge-to hole centre):

24mm, 28mm, 34mm

Hole diameter:


Insertion type:



manual insertion, factory insertion 



Drilling specification:

Hole diameter for dowel thread - face board: 8mm
Drilling depth for dowel thread: 12mm
Hole diameter - edge board (ETHC drilling): 8mm