Technical Overview

Opening Angle: 110°, 170°
Cranking: 0mm, 9mm, 15mm, angled
Door Thickness: 16-24mm
Door tab K: 3-5mm
Mounting Mode: slide-on
Mounting plate type: cruciform
Mounting plate height: 0mm, 1mm, 2mm, 3mm
Soft closing options: Damping integrated in the hinge cup
Durability (cycles): 80,000

Slide-On Mounting System

The assembly is extremely easy thanks to our slide-on hinge-to-plate mounting system. It ensures a proven and reliable hinge-to-plate mounting and is an intuitive and cost-effective solution.

Adjustable Damping

Hinge damping can be adjusted to fit different types of doors.

Perfect Hinge Damping

Titus Glissando hinge damping provides ConfidentClose soft closing solution. It is characterized by:

  1. fast closing
  2. late start of deceleration action
  3. quiet landing with SoftTouch. 

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