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Four decades of research and feedback from leading global RTA furniture producers were distilled into a ground-breaking innovation in cam design. The new Cam5000 is our strongest cam yet. It comes with a smooth and reliable locking action for easy, flawless and confident furniture assembly.

Technical Overview

Drilling: 15mm
Panel thicknesses: 12/13mm, 15/16mm, 18/19mm
Drilling depths: 10.5mm, 12.5mm, 14mm
Drive type: PZ2, PZ2 + HEX
Application: manual insertion, factory insertion

Highly Resistant Joint

We packed a lot of detailed and innovative engineering into a strong and reliable cam. The reinforced cam evenly engages in the hole and prevents it from tilting or bursting while tightening. Increased joint resistance enables effective performance in a wider tolerance range.

Reliable and Comfortable Locking

A linear cam profile ensures a smooth tightening action and great dowel pull-up, for confident furniture assembly and improved quality of finished products. Optimised torque assures a noticeable stop and lock at 2 o’clock (230°). The cam fully engages in the dowel, creating a resistant joint with no gaps between panels.

Simple Furniture Assembly

Cam's retaining pips ensure the cam is held in panel position prior to assembly. Thanks to Titus' Klix locking system, the interlocking teeth engage and create a vibration-proof joint and rigid construction that will not loosen in transit or service. The open cam bottom allows the cam to be inserted after dowel.

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