The push opening system for handleless cabinet doors with a noiseless, bounceless and soft opening action. It is compatible with damped and non-damped hinges, provides a consistent push-to-open action, and a reliable door closing.

02 Soft and silent 800x533

Soft and silent

  • Enhanced opening and closing performance controlled with an integrated damping system 
  • Bounceless and reliable door opening and closing 
  • Noiseless door landing 
03 Safety detachment 800x533

Safety detachment

Push Latch S2 has an integrated safety feature, which allows the mechanism to easily detach from its mounting plate in case of an accidental hit. After being detached, the mechanism can easily be reattached maintaining its original performance.

04 Depth Adjustment 02 800x533

Consistent and reliable perfomance

With the use of a non-removable depth adjustment button, an optimal door-to-side panel gap is achieved, ensuring consistent performance on different door sizes and weights and enabling even alignment of cabinet fronts.

05 Compatible 800x533

Compatible with damped and non-damped hinges

  • Simple, versatile and user-friendly
  • Mounting plate with the positioning lip assures comfortable and accurate positioning
  • Smooth and reliable performance assured
05 Compatible 02 800x533

Easy to mount

A positioning lip on the mounting plate facilitates assembly and assures accurate placement of the Push Latch S2 on the cabinet.

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