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One item provides soft closing to a variety of hinge applications

  • For all B-type and S-type 110 hinges: the same item fits on a wide range of crankings and angled hinges
  • Minimised portfolio complexity
  • The same item can be used on different furniture lines
  • Efficient stock management

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 Glissando TL3 low protrusion ambient

Low Protrusion in Cabinet Interior

Positioned on the hinge cup within the usual hinge ‚boundaries‘, it requires no extra space on the cabinet front or inside the cabinet user space.

A seamless addition to the hinge cup with intuitive and comfortable mounting

Glissando TL3 Consistent Performance transparent

Consistent Performance

Use one Glissando per two or three hinges for maximum efficiency. Consistent and reliable performance on doors of different sizes and weights.

ConfidentClose Hinge Soft Closing

Tuned to ConfidentClose

Glissando TL3 creates provides a ConfidentClose, consumer-preferred way of soft closing action*.  It is characterized by:

  1. fast closing
  2. late start of deceleration action
  3. quiet landing with SoftTouch. 
* Based on results of Titus research made in UK, Germany and Slovenia. Click here for more information.
Glissando TL3 Snap on Mounting icon

Intuitive Snap-on Mounting

Tool-less mounting for reduced assembly time

  • Hand-inserted onto the hinge cup
  • Requires no additional drilling
  • Retrofit mounting possible

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