Slide On Mounting System for Concealed Hinge

Slide-On Mounting System

The assembly is extremely easy thanks to our slide-on hinge-to-plate mounting system. It is a proven solution that ensures a reliable and intuitive hinge-to-plate mounting on various door sizes.

Glissando TL3 CR 700×300 2 3

A Choice of Damping Options

Chose damping between integrated into the hinge cup, Glissando add-on, or stand-alone damping solutions.

ConfidentClose Hinge Soft Closing

Consumer Preferred Hinge Damping

Titus Glissando hinge damping provides a ConfidentClose, consumer-preferred way of soft closing action*.  It is characterized by:

  1. fast closing
  2. late start of deceleration action
  3. quiet landing with SoftTouch. 
* Based on results of Titus research made in UK, Germany and Slovenia. Click here for more information.
B-type i3 transparent 1300x850

B-type-i3 Concealed Hinge

A premium damping function on a widely applicable slide on hinge

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Technical Overview

Opening Angle: 110°, 170°
Cranking: 0mm, 9mm, 15mm, angled
Door Thickness: 16-24mm
Door tab K: 3-5mm
Mounting Mode: slide-on
Mounting plate type: cruciform
Mounting plate height: 0mm, 1mm, 2mm, 3mm
Soft closing options: Damping integrated in the hinge cup, Glissando add-on or stand-alone damping solutions