T-type 95 thick doors

Optimized movement of thick door

The thick door hinge kinematics with 95° opening enables:
-Optimized opening and closing of doors with thickness up to 34mm
-Narrow reveals
-Reliable and consistent performance on various door sizes and weights


3Way snap-on mounting

Simply the fastest! Allows for intuitive hinge-to-plate mounting in 3 directions.

This will help the enhanced mounting experience. Attaching tall and heavy doors with several hinges to the cabinet becomes easy and comfortable. Choose which pin (front, top, or back) on a plate you will catch and simply snap it on. 

T-type: high tolerance concealed hinge

Highly tolerant

Efficient performance in marginal values of drilling tolerances. Reliable door closing even in cases of a non-perfect hinge alignment. Hinge to plate attachment with an extended distance between the snap-on points assures stability and rigidity.

ConfidentClose Hinge Soft Closing

Integrated damping or add-on

T-type hinge is designed to provide end consumer preferred way of a door closing. In the eyes of the consumer, the damped closing action reduces noise and enhances security.

Integrated soft close

Add on soft close-Glissando TT

Stand alone soft close- Glissando CR


Technical Overview

Opening angle:



0mm, 5mm, 9mm, 17mm

Door thickness:


Door tab K:


Mounting Mode:

3Way snap-on

Mounting plate type:

cruciform, linear (all T-type mounting plates)

Mounting plate height:

0mm,1mm, 2mm, 3mm,4mm 

Hinge cup drilling depth:

12.0 mm

Soft closing options:

-integrated damping into the hinge cup
-add on damping solutions Glissando TT
-stand-alone damping solutions Glissando CR

Hinge cup drilling pattern:

45/9.5mm, 48/6mm

Hinge constant:

13 mm


up to 22mm

Mounting plate fixing:

Screw-on ready, EasyFix, fixing dowels for machine insertion.

**expando dowels, euro screws, wood screws – available upon request