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In RTA furniture industry, consumer satisfaction begins with fittings, and can quickly end with them, too. Studying how our products serve their end consumers – individuals or installers assembling RTA furniture at home, and furniture manufacturers – is at the core of our R&D. We have a deep understanding of what can go wrong, and more importantly: how to overcome that. We found a way to simply evaluate just how well certain fittings perform in furniture assembly and give them their Consumer Assembly Friendliness (CAF) score. Only those with excellent scores are CAF Certified.

What is the CAF Score?

We came up with an easy way to calculate the Consumer Assembly Friendliness (CAF) score of any furniture fittings. Simply add the total quantity of parts required to assemble a cabinet and the number of actions it takes to assemble it, and multiply it with the number of types of parts. 

The lower the result, the friendlier the home assembly of a cabinet will be.

Download CAF Leaflet

For examples, comparative CAF scores of our products and more please download our leaflet.

CAF leaflet pdf

Simplify the Assembly Process

Assembly with fittings that have passed our tests and earned their CAF stamp bring a streamlining of the home assembly process.

Assembly with standard fittings


Assembly with CAF certified fittings

Too many parts and fittings

  Fewer parts
Too many types of parts   Fewer types of parts

Many actions to assemble

  Fewer actions to assemble

Complicated assembly 

  Easy assembly instructions


Titus Quickloc is an excellent example of a fitting with a good CAF. The video below perfectly illustrates the significant difference it can make in furniture assembly.

Better CAF Score for Significant Savings

OptimiseFurniture Manufacture

  • Save on fittings and assembly tools

  • Save Time

  • Save on labour, packaging and transport

  • Reduce after-sales complaints

OptimiseHome Assembly

  • Shorter user manuals

  • Quicker, stress-free assembly

  • Less errors in assembly

  • Improved end products

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