Technical Overview

Length ETHC
(edge-to-hole centre):
24mm, 28mm, 34mm
Hole diameter:   5mm, 8mm, 10mm
Insertion type: tool-free only
Application: manual insertion
Cams: Cam5000
Drilling specification: Hole diameter - face board = 5mm, 8mm, 10mm
Drilling depth = min 12mm
Hole diameter - edge board = 8mm
  • Quickfit 5 mm

    Quickfit 5 mm

  • Quickfit 8 mm

    Quickfit 8 mm

  • Quickfit 10 mm

    Quickfit 10 mm

  • Quickfit P2F

    Quickfit P2F

Tool-Free Insertion

All Quickfit dowels allow for quick and easy manual assembly. 

Expando Technology

Expanding plastic sleeve creates a high performance joint and a greater cabinet strength.


High Drilling Tolerances for Optimal Joint

Quickfit dowels have a built-in self-adjustment feature that provides an ETHC (Edge To Hole Centre) tolerance of +/-0.5mm on drilling operation.

Complementary Product