Hinge to plate mounting: slide-on and snap-on

Our premium T-type hinge provides a fast assembly 3Way snap-on which allows flexible hinge-to-plate mounting in 3 directions. B-type hinge comes with an intuitive slide-on fastening, while S-type hinge comes with a snap-on mounting.

Soft-close hinges with consumer preferred ConfidentClose

A silent, smooth and safe door closing, enabled by soft close systems, considerably enhances the end-user experience. A variety of soft-closing options can be found: dampers integrated in the hinge, Glissando add-on damping, and universal stand-alone dampers Glissando CR and Glissando AL. All feature the Titus damper, which ensures consistent and reliable soft closing for the entire life of the cabinet. All systems are tuned according to Titus door closing philosophy ConfidentClose – for a fast closing, late start of deceleration action, and quiet landing.

T type high tolerance concealed hinge

Highly tolerant

Marginal inconsistencies of drillings and the problems associated with natural movement of wood panels may present problems. T-type hinge efficiently performs in marginal values of drilling tolerances and assures reliable door closing throughout its lifetime. Increased hinge arm width and extended distance between hinge and plate snap-on points assure stability and rigidity in opening and closing.

Push to open application

PushOpen solutions for handleless cabinets

We offer a comprehensive range of PushOpen solutions: with or without magnet, surface mounted or built-in, in various colour options. You can choose from options that work with damped hinges, standard hinges, and hinges with reverse spring or unsprung.

One-for-All soft closing

Glissando add-on soft closing solution for hinges fits multiple applications. The damper is positioned on the hinge cup, so one item can be used to provide soft closing to a variety of hinge applications. This simplifies handling through the whole process, stock management, and cabinet assembly.

customer support

User-centric approach

One of our business philosophies and principles is to gain total knowledge of our customers and their markets. ‘Playing together’ has always been in the roots of our understanding the world around us and is the foundation of our success. We believe in knowledge and innovation and appreciate the importance of precision engineering. This allows us to better understand our clients and their needs and bring innovations that increase their competitiveness on the market.

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Cabinet Hinge Fixing Made Easy Thanks to Titus

Planning and organising home improvements are exciting experiences and buying a new piece of flat-pack furniture is a big event for any household. But what happens when it comes to assembling the furniture?

The 3Way Snap-on Mounting Solution

Our 3Way snap-on mounting plate allows for an intuitive hinge-to-plate mounting in three directions (from the front, the back and the top). Mounting cabinet doors - even the tallest ones - has never been this easy.

What is Consumer Assembly Friendliness (CAF)? Watch the Video

At Titus, we always aim to make our fittings assembly friendly - both for furniture makers and consumers at home. We developed a simple test to assess the fittings' Consumer Assembly Friendliness (CAF) score. Watch Phil Beddoe, the General Manager for Titus UK, as he explains the benefits that fittings with a good CAF score bring to Titus' clients.

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