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Our Quickfit expanding housings are available for drop-on and/or side-entry applications, in all-metal or plastic and metal combination. The Klix locking feature provides a strong vibration-proof connection. They are compatible with all screw-in and Quickfit dowels.

Tool-Free Insertion

Easy to assemble by inserting the connector into a pre-drilled hole on the board without tool usage.

Expando Function

Housings and dowels provide strong and secure joint by expanding when tightened.

Easy Tightening

The Angledriv feature on the cam allows the angled position of the screwdriver with the locking action creating a tight and secure joint.

Stable and Strong Connection

System 6 Housing is a structural fastening providing great strength to the top and bottom of cabinets.

Technical Overview

Drilling: 20mm
Panel thickness B: 15/16mm, 18/19mm
Drilling depth D: 12.5mm, 14mm
Application: side-entry, drop-on
Housing type: outrigger, non-outrigger
Dowel range: Quickfit, screw-in

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